A trip to Sahadi’s (aka heaven on earth!). Spices, food, and treats.

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A wonderful trip to one of my favorite places in Brooklyn

So, I went to New York City this past weekend to see the David Bowie exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. If you can get there, go! It is an amazing experience. But this post is about something completely different. My trip to Sahadi’s on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. No food lovers trip to New York should miss a visit to this amazing store! Sahadi’s has been doing business since 1898, when their first store opened in Manhattan. It has since moved to Brooklyn and is a spice lovers dream! The family is originally from Lebanon, and you will find a ton of hard to find, yet amazingly affordable spices and ingredients for Middle Eastern cooking. They also carry food from Italy, Spain, Thailand, Japan, Turkey, and the list goes on and on. There are over 200 bulk food choices, from sweets to nuts available. And the spices! Oh, the spices.

I am an absolutely nut for buying interesting spices and foods from all over the globe. Sahadi’s is like the best toy store in the world for me. Spices, pickles, condiments, sweets…. A smile just lights up my face as I peruse the small aisles, that are floor to ceiling full of goodies.

I started my shopping binge in the Middle Eastern section. Orange Blossom water, check! Real Turkish Delight from Turkey, double check! I also got some yummy ful medames in brine. I lived in Israel for a while in the very early 90s and used to eat them as appetizers at The Peace Café in Eilat. Ful are sort of like a broad bean or a small fava bean, and in a nice marinade of lemon and garlics, are just to die for!

I also got some things for making sweets. My Dad’s side of the family is Swedish, so I got some almond paste and marzipan. I also got an intriguing tube of chestnut spread, for no reason other than it interested me!

Once I hit the spice section I fell in love. I got dukkah, an Egyptian blend of nuts and spices that I have been reading about. Saffron, juniper berries, Spanish paprika, hing (an Indian spice which I LOVE), and kafir lime leaves. In addition, I got a nice jar of sumac. I love cooking with za’atar, but like more sumac in the blend than the jar I have contains.

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Some of my haul from my trip to Sahadi’s

Onto the nut sections! I got Turkish pistachios for my friend, California pistachios for me, and a ton of nice, Spanish pine nuts. I recently got the book The Saffron Tales by Yasmin Khan, which is a gorgeous book of Persian recipes, culture, and history. So, I know what I am doing with these pistachios.

Then, as I was checking out I spotted Ribena! On sale! It’s a black currant drink mix that I used to drink all the time in London, so into my cart it went.

When all was said and done, I did not spend that much more than expected, I found the prices reasonable. Since I live in the middle of nowhere, it is often tricky to get the spices I need to play with new cuisines. I know I can order them online, and Sahadi’s does ship, but I just love the experience of wandering through the aisles, enjoying the sites and the smells and the colors.

Sahadi’s is located at 187 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY. Their website is Definitely visit! You can buy the cookbook The Saffron Tales at the link below, and boy do I recommend it. There are plenty of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free recipes in it, and it is just beautifully laid out! It’s pricey, but worth every penny! This link is an affiliate link.

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  1. Reading your post makes me want to go back to NY! Luckily, I have a trip planned out there for November and I will definitely be checking out Sahadi. I love trying out different food especially exotic dishes so I can’t wait to check out this place. Thanks for the recommendation. Please say hello at Best of luck!

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, make sure to check it out. It looks tiny when you first walk in, but it just keeps going and going. You name the country you want to cook from, and they have spices and ingredients! It’s very close to the subway too. And parking around there is not too hard to find, if you drive. Checking out your blog now.

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