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Shire Sunshine the blog was brought about by many people, over many years, asking me to share the information on the projects I do. I’m an empty nester, with way too much free time, who doesn’t really know what to do with herself. So I make a lot of things, have a small jam business, and am learning herbal medicine. Shire Sunshine is the name of my jam business. I live in New Hampshire, and thought it sounded lighthearted and sunny. Now that half of Cheshire county knows me as “the jam lady,” I just kind of stick with it.

Part of this blog will have a focus on my herbal studies. I am working through the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine’s course on Edible and Medicinal Wild Herbs. Having a section of my blog devoted to homework will help me stay on track. I’ll also be sharing recipes and projects I make with the herbs I forage.

The rest of the blog will be recipes for food, DIY projects, canning and preserving recipes and tips, and eventually a store for my jam and such. I’m pretty much vegan, my daughter is vegetarian (even though she doesn’t live at home), and my partner is an omnivore. My food recipes will focus on the vegan/vegetarian side of things. As far as DIY projects go, I come from a long line of artsy-craftsy people. My grandmother is an artist, my father was a jewelry maker, my aunt is a silversmith, and my maternal mother and grandmother are two of the most skilled crafters I have known. I was essentially crafty in the womb. After a brief stint at School of Visual Arts in NYC, I realized that the art world wasn’t how I wanted to pay the bills, but I have a deep and abiding love of printmaking (my major) and fine arts in general.

I will probably throw some reviews and such in here as well. I love reviewing products and books, and love sharing my favorite things with other people.

And yes, I will post about jam!

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Shire Sunshine
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