Lilac Jelly

It’s late spring and the lilacs are blooming like crazy around here. They really are one of my favorite flowers. Their fragrance fills the air as I sit outside on my porch and listen to the birds each morning. Did you know lilacs are New Hampshire’s state flower? People are very proud of their lilacs […]

dandelions as food

Dandelions in Food and Drink

Dandelions are one of the first wild foods I learned to recognize as a child. My father used to take us on foraging walks and loved dandelion greens with butter, salt and a dash of vinegar. The tiny dandelion greens are the best, before they get too bitter, and I absolutely love the unopened buds. […]

Sugar Sunday at Goranson Farm!

March 25th was Sugar Sunday (or Maple Sunday) here in New England and I spent a lovely day in Maine at Goranson Farm in Dresden. What is Sugar Sunday, you ask? It’s celebration of all things maple, when sugar shacks in the region open their doors and hold events to share the maple love. Sugar […]

About Shire Sunshine

Shire Sunshine the blog was brought about by many people, over many years, asking me to share the information on the projects I do. I’m an empty nester, with way too much free time, who doesn’t really know what to do with herself. So I make a lot of things, have a small jam business, […]

Shire Sunshine